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Collector, Retail And Gift Packaging

You might have a hard time believing this, but packaging does mean a lot in the industry. Every bit detail starting from the graphic design to the packaging, it all matters. Not only dos this spread happiness, but it also shows a sense of attraction and style. For every good toy, good packaging is essential. Whenever the design of the toy is finished, the next thing is to focus on the packaging. Our toy packaging design are responsible for developing safe and strong templates and surfaces for our users.  

Steps for Collector and Retail Packaging 

  • Conceptualizing  
  • The volume and size managing to promote sustainability and taking care of any environmental influences 
  • Constructing the project 
  • Taking care of all the minor and major details of the process of graphic designing 
  • Finalizing or testing the sample produced 
  • Producing a protective packaging for the material 

Best Packaging Styles and adoptions 

There are many different types of styles and packaging formats that every manufacturer likes to work with. However, not every manufacturer has the same taste. Different packaging formats like card blind boxing, clamshells, tin gift boxes, window boxes, acrylic display cases, and blister cards.  

Every kind of packaging has its own pros. Some of the above mentioned packaging formats are preferred by collectors, and some are preferred by retailers. There are some different kinds of packaging designs that can turn out to be very helpful for the environment, or the shipping expenses can be greatly reduced by them. Whatever the case is, everyone likes to construct and experiment.  

  1. Window Boxes: Window boxes are considered to be card boxes that have a plastic window in front of them, so that the product inside can be seen properly. There are different versions for this type of boxing, additional surprises can also be hidden. On the other hand, there are some window boxes that don’t have plastic covers in front of them. 
  1. Blister Cards: Blister cards are absolutely transparent, plastic and sealed to a sheet of die-hard cardboard; the card sheet contains graphics, brandings, and other type of information. 
  1. Clear acrylic display boxes and cases: This type of packaging is completely plastic and it is customized with different shapes and designs with a lid or door for closure.  
  1. Clamshells aka full blisters: This type of packaging is related to sandwiches in so many ways. There are either two molded plastic sheets, or just one folded like a sea calm in which the product is placed.  
  1. Blind boxes aka surprise boxes: It’s just like a window box, but it has no window. The product is completely put inside the box, and it is not physically seen unless the box is opened.  
  1. Tin boxes: Tin boxes are made from metal and are made to fit specific items, and it can either be built with a window or without one. 
  1. Tubes: Tubes are long and sealed. The content put inside is usually hidden in tubes. Tubes are usually closed with a lid of a plug.  toy-packaging

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