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Common Qualities Of A Good Team Player

Most people find it difficult to work alongside others because they do not possess the qualities of a team player. Being a team player is important in many setting such as school, workplace and especially sports. Although there are certain sports which do not require an individual to work alongside others players, playing as a team is an essential part of many common sports such as soccer, basketball and netball. The skills which are gained during these team sports help a person even outside of the sports. Being a team player is essential in order to live a happy and pleasant life. Training to excel in sports at be coached and come with detailed instructions but becoming a team player isn’t as easy since it is a change required in the personality of a person. But there are many qualities which are commonly found in good team players and here are some of them.


Most often it is noticed that certain athletes do not possess the quality of encouraging his teammates to train and perform better. A good team player will always make sure that all the players are constantly motivated in order to increase overall performance. Custom basketball uniform Melbourne for the entire team and regular pep talks are great ways to encourage all the players.

Collective Mentality

An essential trait of a team player is his mentality of his role in the team. He understands that his actions greatly affect the entire progress of the team. He isn’t selfish about his goals rather he places goals which benefit the entire team. A good team player doesn’t not strive to excel only himself but the team as a whole.

Active Role

Good team players are always focused on building the team. Not only do they strive to improve player performance on the field they will also organised other social activities to increase the team’s unity and bond. Great teams stick together always because of the strong relationship they share with each other. Keeping this in mind team players will play an active role in encouraging the entire team to train together, spend time at the local diner and even get perfect sport uniform. These simple methods help increase team bonding.


There are instances when a teammate isn’t playing according to the game plan or isn’t playing his best. A good team player will ensure that his mate realises his mistake rather than concealing it. This will help the teammate improve his skills which affects the overall results of the team.

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