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Keeping Your Loved One’s Memories And Protecting The Environment

When someone we love passes away we always feel extremely sorry about that loss. Even when the person who died, died of natural causes after living a long and happy life we still feel some grief for that loss as we love them. All the funeral traditions are created to let the people this person leaves behind bid him or her goodbye and deal with their grief by coming together with family and friends.

However, by now, in a country like Hong Kong especially, burying people has become a problem due to the lack of land. As a result, there are some new ways of saying goodbye to the loved ones while making sure the environment is not negatively affected by those funeral rites.

Keeping Your Loved One’s Memories

Most of us want to keep as much as possible of our loved one when they pass away ashes diamond cost at Algordanza Limited. That is why we bury them and then mark the place with a headstone. There are times when we cremate our loved one, collect those ashes, put them into an urn and bury the urn. However, now you have this new opportunity to make a memorial diamond out of the ashes of the person who passed away. There are professional services which offer this service. Once you hand over the right amount of ashes they turn those ashes into a diamond in their laboratory. Once the process is finished you get back the diamond. You can then keep it with you and may be turn it into a family heirloom.

Protecting the Environment

The best way of saying goodbye to a family member who has died without harming the environment is going for a green burial in Hong Kong. This creation of memorial diamond can be known as one of the methods you can follow to have the least negative impact on the environment. The only process which the body is subjected to which can affect the environment is cremation. However, cremation is still considered as a better option than burial. Since you will not be burying the ashes left after the cremation and will work to turn those ashes into a diamond, you will not be engaging in any other activity which can harm the environment even in the smallest way.

Therefore, bidding adieu to your loved ones properly and make sure the process you follow does not harm the environment a lot are both tasks which can be achieved at the same time. Following such a good method will be good for the soul of the one who passed away.



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