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New Ways Of Working

The environment that businesses operate in has changed the way that businesses work. They have to find ways to be flexible and to adapt to the constantly changing uncertain environment

They have to be flexible

More organizations are now looking to hire contract or part time workers. This is because they will be able to save money and also this will prevent future layoffs. This way the organization will hire people only when it is necessary and there will be a defined time period stating when the worker will leave the company. This makes it easier for the managers and also workers may be more productive because they know that they will only be there for a short time so they may want to make more of an impact.

Telecommuting is another way that people can work now. This involves using telecommunication equipment and computers so that people can work from home or other remote places that do not involve the office. IVR services are used here and it allows people to cooperate with a business’s host system by using a telephone keypad or by identifying speech and then services can be asked about by using ivr dialogue.

A call recorder system can also be used in telecommuting. This is a system that can reply to questions your customers ask but there will be an employee available if needed. They can also reach your customers and give them any alerts or special announcements.

The environmental influences on ways of working

Globalization has changed the way that companies are looking at product quality, customer services, reducing costs etc. Companies have to make sure that they provide the best products with the best quality call recorder system and they also have to do it at the lowest cost possible.

There are new laws that are implemented which means that organizations have to adjust to them. New environmental rules and regulations have changed the way that businesses act.

There are also more pressure groups in action. These pressure groups have grown over the recent years and they force the government to pass laws that will affect the businesses act.

The work force is more diverse. This means that managers have to adapt to this and make sure they understand different cultures so that they can deal with different workers effectively, with the workforce being more diverse foreign employees maybe in charge of running foreign operations.

There is also a shortage of skilled workers in most countries. This is due to brain drain however in some countries there is a surplus of skilled workers.

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