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Ammunitions And Licenses

We all are grownups and aware of the fact that there are certain things which requires licensing, and using things without it is prohibited and totally illegal in different countries. License for driving, license for running a business, owning a medical store, be a doctor and run a legal clinic, owning a cinema and many more. There are certain things which if done without license can cause some serious legal issues (like, legal proceeding in lieu of criminal activities). For example: selling wine or alcohol without license or selling/owning ammunition without proper permissions and government license.

In this world, everything has positive and negative uses and impacts but we as humans are usually attracted towards bad things more as compared to positive aspects and uses. There are some serious federal and provincial boundaries within which ammunition carrying can be handled as per rules and only after officially assigned license. There are specific types of ammunition licenses exclusively for certain reasons:

Dealer in firearms/gunsmithing: this license is required in order to officially and legally deals in arms and ammunition, it is so important for every one of us to understand there are certain official dealers for ammunition from where you can buy bullets for your gun and the piece itself. Otherwise the legal proceedings will be against the person who is not abiding by the rules. The type of the license required for gunsmithing and dealing is known as type 01 FFL.

Brokerage/pawn: belief it or not there is a separate license category for people who can apply the barter system for guns, (for those who don’t know about pawn shop) a pawn shop is a place where one can give the useless items and sell them for money. A person can sell the gun as well to the pawn, but for that shopkeeper has to own a legal official license to trade a gun, the type of license for this purpose is known as type 02 FFL.

Manufacturing: Of course this piece is made by somebody right? For manufacturing guns and ammunition one must own a license for the enterprise to handle manufacturing. There are two different types of license under the category of manufacturing the ammunition type 06 and 07 which allows the person to manufacture the guns legally.

Import and export: there are some countries which produce some tremendous guns and ammunition. These countries are successfully providing the supply internationally, in real if they do it without getting the type 08 license they are legally offending the government and are eligible for criminal penalties. Normal import and export licenses are not suitable for such exports one has to apply and officially get type 08 FFL in order to stay in business. Check this link to find out more details.

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