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Shipping And Return Policies Practiced

In addition to biodegradable tissue paper that is environmentally friendly, they also produce gift cards. You might have experienced it many a times in your life that you go out to shop for a loved one and you don’t know what exactly they would like. Well for this and much more, they at Plus Planet have these cards, which they will send to you through an email along with guidelines son how to operate it. For this card they do not charge you any money and you can hand this card to your family or loved ones so that they can shop all that they want. These gift cards can be utilized for shopping up to three years, but remember they are not valid to use on all purchases you make through your account subscription.

Some details about the shipment policies

They deliver products all over the nation with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska. Once you place your order, they dispatch the product for delivery the very next day but it should be a working day. As soon as the parcel is dispatched, they send you an email stating that along with a tracking id where by you can check where your order has reached. Whenever there are any queries regarding whereabouts of your order, it is recommended that you first try to locate it through the id and if there is still some problem, then approach the company. If you have received the order, and there is some fault in it, you will have to send it back to the company yourself, as they do not keep a track of a product once they release it  from their store as the delivery process is taken care by a courier service.

All orders are delivered by a company that drops your parcels at your door step; therefore they require your exact address, in order to avoid any in convenience. If your parcel gets lost or stolen mid-way, the company takes no responsibility of that. The company’s policy and service is such that it is very rare that such a thing happens and if it is there fault, they do take measures against it. The aim is to deliver all orders to the customers as soon as they can, but due to certain reasons if the delivery is delayed beyond five working days, you should immediately get in touch with them. For all deliveries in the western coast, they deliver all orders within two to five working days and delivery is free of cost whereas all orders to be delivered in the east coast take from five to eight days approximately and deliveries here are also free of cost.

And the return policy is

Once you receive an order and you want to return it, you can do so only within the next seven days. But the condition for refund, return or exchange is that you should not have used more than three rolls from a box and the actual condition of the product should not have been hampered in any way.  Check this link to find out more details.

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