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How To Keep Your Home Healthy

Most often, you realize how important it is to have a healthy home after you either have kids or guests over that you want to impress. An unhealthy home would probably have people sneezing as soon as they walk through the door of feeling grimy. Fortunately, this can easily be fixed. Here are some of the best ways you can give your home that healthy sheen.

Pest Control

Pests love food and drink lying about so if there’s even the slightest hole for them to creep through, you bet they will. Using pesticide sprays can harm your children/pets so take these steps instead. Plug up any holes with foam. Seal up your food in containers and never leave your garbage lying around. If you have a serious pest problem, then lay down some traps when the kids and pets are not about.

Dust mites

You can do the usual tricks of vacuuming and cleaning your surfaces to make sure it’s dust-free but remember, dust mites also thrive in moist environments like your kitchen or bathroom. To combat this, use exhaust fans in these rooms until the moist air leaves and it’s no longer humid. Also remember to keep shoes at the door as this is a great way of introducing new debris into the household.

A Clean Garden

The most important way to bring that healthy sheen to your household is to get your garden in order. Get your garden maintenance Bega done regularly so you don’t have any unruly grass or weeds growing and inhibiting the growth of your other plants.

Removal of dead shrubbery

Don’t forget to see to one other crucial aspect- your tree removal service. Dead shrubbery and trees may attract pests or hold contagious diseases that will spread to your other plants. Branches are also at risk of falling, making it a health hazard so you should definitely enlist in getting these removed.


Mold thrives in moist atmosphere. They can be health hazards and are blatant signs of an unhealthy house. While running fans while cooking or showering is a great way to get rid of moist air, you also have to focus on removing your preexisting mold. On hard surfaces, you can use a detergent but on soft surfaces such as carpets, it’s probably best that you scrap the material. If the air is really humid, consider getting yourself a dehumidifier to avoid any mold from growing.


Many kids are vulnerable to their pets’ fur. Avoid allergies by applying these basic rules- no allowing pets on the furniture or in bedrooms. Make sure they stay away from your kids’ stuffed toys and vacuum often to get rid of any fallen fur.

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